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Red Earth Boiled Paints

Ecologically friendly, traditional, naturally breathing outdoor paint for wooden surfaces.

Red earth boiled paint is a rye flour-based paint and has been used in our country for painting of e.g. farm buildings. Red earth paint

We use two different pigments, two kinds of red earths: Italian red and Swedish red. Our paint includes too ferrous sulfate as wood preservative. 

You can use red earth boiled paints for new wooden surfaces as well as for buildings previously painted with red earth paint. If necessary brush the previously painted surface with a steal brush, so that hardened part of the paint comes off. 

Spread a thick coat of paint on the timber using a broad, thick paintbrush. The idea is that some paint soaks into the timber.


Thoroughly clean the surface from dirt, dust, mould and old paint particles. Scrub old paint off, brush with a steal brush or scrape off. Use a pressure cleaner or a sand blower. If the building has previously been painted with read earth paint a light brushing of the surface will often be quite adequate.

Mix the paint extremely carefully before painting and when necessary during the painting. Dilute with water. Use a very thick paintbrush or use a red earth paint sprayer or a high-pressure sprayer. If you choose to use a sprayer clean the filter as required during use.

Coverage: Unpainted wooden surface 3-5m/kg

Painting conditions: The surface to be treated must be dry and clean. Air temperature at least + 10C, air humidity under 80 %.

Dry up time: the paint will be dust dry within approximately three hours.

Cleaning of the equipment used: clean with water and use soap if needed

Storage: in a dry and cool place, protect from below zero temperatures. Keep away from the reach of children!

Paint contents: The paint has been manufactured by a cooking process. The binding agent is a rye flour adhesive with linseed oil approx.10 %, colouring agent read earth, wood stain iron sulphate, preserving agent formalin.

LT-group 0.

Colours: Swedish Red and Italian Red