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Ekoesko Oil Extractor

Cold oil extractor for various types of oil.

Seeds for example from flax, mustard, rape, sunflower and caraway can be crashed to produce oil.

This equipment has been designed and manufactured in Finland. High grade raw material and components have been used in the manufacturing process so that food oils can be produced.

Technical Data:

Capacity: 720-1400 kg/day, 30-58 kg/h, end result depending on the seed variety. Yield 0-28 % oil, again depending on the seed variety, oil content, humidity and cleanliness.

Oil Extractor Equipment: SEW-EURODRIVE variable speed helical gear electric motor, P=2,2 /1,8 KW; n= 1400 / 19-96 r/min; U = 230 / 400V, f = 50 Hz. Protection classification IP 54, dust and splash proof.

Extractor: Tapered screw type oil press equipped with a nozzle, output varying, specially treated wear surfaces, SKF-ball bearings. The extractor can be easily and quickly mounted and dismounted for cleaning and servicing.

Foot: Heavy weight steel base with three stands.

Feeding Nozzle: Plastic nozzle, volume 7-15 l.

Measurements: Length 1400mm, width 350 mm, height without the feeding nozzle 850 mm, weight approximately 125 kg.

Electric Fittings: 380 V, 2,2 kW, 3-phase